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Friday, November 5, 2010


When Pei Yen was here in Tokyo right after our Iwate trip, we went to Mt Takao for beer garden with my colleague and her friends!

After reaching the bottom of the mountain, we decided to take the funicular or ropeway halfway up before hiking to the top. The funicular at Mt Takao is the steepest railway line in Japan, with a 31 degrees elevation at maximum.

Beer garden~ 2hrs buffet!

When we reached, there was a 2hrs queue. So we got our queue number and started to hike the mountain.

Tree bark that is a medicine for the eyes?!

Goma dango!

We finally reached the top!

Going down the mountain was a little dangerous. A lot of tree roots. It was pitch black and we didn't bring any torch lights. But we made it to the beer garden!

Takoyaki that we made.

It was fun. My first beer garden in Japan. And we worked hard before feasting. So no need to feel guilty. Haha..

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