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Monday, December 22, 2008


Yupz, I've grown darker. All due to my Bintan and later Batam trips.
Went Bintan with my Sec sch classmates, Wendy, Yuen Mei and Weiting. We stayed at Nirwana Beach Resort. It's the first time that we actually go for a trip together. And I really had fun. Just some pics of the trip.
Took a photo with the buggy while waiting for our transport.

Group photo. Yes, I'm obviously the shortest.

We wanted to go to Tanjong Pinang, so we took a cab. In fact we hired a cab for the day. It was damn ex. I dont think we were ripped, but just that maybe it wasnt worth it after all. We shopped a little and then went for massage.
Along the way to Tanjong Pinang, we stopped for lunch at this super ulu place.

The place that we had lunch. No stomaches. So it was ok. Cheap food.

We were cam-whoring trying to take "star jump shots".

The pool view. Really nice as the view opens out to the sea.

The pool has a pool bar too. 2 sides also have jacuzzi.

We went for massage at Pasar Oleh Oleh, the nearest "town" (more like a tourist spot with a few shops). It was good! Almost same price as the one we went in Tanjong Pinang, but much better. Very suang!

Pasar Oleh Oleh

There is a place with quite good atmosphere, especially for couples. It is a bar called Calypso, in the middle of the sea, connected by a suspension bridge. Very windy and you can really see the stars. But dunno why, we were the only ones there that night.

The bridge leading to Calypso bar.

It was only a 3 days 2 nights trip. But it was great as we really got to relax. I have to say it was a good break.

Random shot that Yuen Mei took.

I have to say that Bintan, although kinda touristy and actually not very cheap, is actually quite a good place to relax. Atmosphere is good. Water is clean. Sky clear. Nothing much more I can ask for.

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