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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hokkaido Part 3

3rd day in 中富良野、北海道。Before leaving for the day, took a picture of the living room which overlooks the outside seating.

Then, we headed to Asahiyama Zoo (旭山動物園) in Asahikawa (旭川), about 2hrs drive from 中富良野。 Below are some pictures I took.

I love giraffes!

They are so gentle...

Cute benches.

The polar bear was playing with the ball. It is really cute~

Hmm...reminds me of.... me??

Bought this, in the zoo. Dont ask me why it was selling there. But it is not bad...

Ramen that I ate in the zoo. Er, not great.

Then we travelled further up and west to see sunflowers in Hokuryu Town (北竜町)。Interested parties can take a look at this website. http://www.town.hokuryu.hokkaido.jp/index.jsp
It was about an hour and a half drive from 旭川市。By the time we got there, it was already 5.30pm and it was getting dark. To top it off, it was raining. We went to the Sunflower Association to ask whether the farm was still open and the guy was so nice. He called up the guide and the guide agreed to bring us there although it was closed. So he came to the association and we followed his car to the farm. It was breathtaking. The only bad thing about it was the weather and that it was getting dark. Since the guide was waiting for us and we felt bad, we took quick snapshots of the place in 10mins and then left. Below are some of the pictures.

The pictures really do not do the place justice. It was really breathtaking. Till my Part 4 of Hokkaido~

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hokkaido Part 2

2nd day in Hokkaido.

Some pictures of the house and the surrounding area.

Smoking area in the house

Outdoors lounge area

The house
The road that I take everytime from and to the accomodation. At night, it is super dark! No lights at all!

Pei Yen
Area around the accomodation

Next, we went to Farm Tomita, which is famous for its lavender. But sadly, it was not in season.

Lavender ice-cream!

This flowers are called Goldfish! They really look like goldfish.

Lavendar Calpis (Seriously, I wont recommend it...)

The real メロンパン with real melon inside!

Lavender Ramune

Melon ice-cream! Yummy!

Next, we headed down to the winery where I forgot that I wasnt supposed to drink, coz I was driving. Lol. Just sampled a little bit. Then I realised, and gave the rest to Pei Yen.

Then, we headed up to Biei. Beautiful place. Spent too little time there.

There were many houses-turned-cafes. And we stopped by one.

Kobe beef curry! Can you believe it? I never even ate Kobe beef when I was in Kobe. And here I was in Hokkaido eating Kobe beef! And it was so cute. Heart-shaped rice!

Home-made banana cake. It really is very cozy sitting in someone's house, eating home-cooked food. And the people are sooo nice!

The only bad thing about sunflowers....they attract bees!

Finally we went shopping at this place in Furano where the 森の時計was. But we didnt see the tourist spots. Just headed straight into shopping. Shopping among the trees!

It was a great day. The scenery was breath-taking and the shopping good. We ordered 3 melons to be sent to my house in Tokyo. LOL.

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