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Sunday, August 16, 2009





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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ueno Zoo, Gundam & 花火大会

Sorry for the long MIA...

Ter, Marisa and Charmaine came Tokyo. So together with Pam, we went sightseeing!

First, we went Ueno Zoo! Yes, like all other zoos, it is more or less the same. But since it is so famous, we thought why not?

On the way to the zoo, we came across a Jazz street band performing, and they were great! (Please see Marisa's facebook for the video. Lol.) Interesting instruments. You can check out their website if you're interested. http://www.jazzboilers.com/

The Jazz Boilers

Then we finally arrived at Ueno Zoo. Ueno Zoo is famous for its giant panda, Ling Ling, which was a gift from the Chinese government. Unfortunately, the last giant panda, Ling Ling, died on April 29, 2008, so basically there wasnt anymore pandas...
The 3 excited girls infront of the entrance to Ueno Zoo!
The 4 of us with the iconic pandas....which is no more???

The iconic pandas without us.
The 4 of us posing with a gorilla. Although we look relaxed, we were all screaming hot! Coz it was a super hot day, and the statue was burning!

Everyone was wondering whether I could fit in there and pestered me to try to squeeze in there...which I obviously cant! And there was this boy happily climbing on top of the gorilla, having the time of his life.
Marisa with erm..panda ears?

Me with erm, bear ears?
4 of us posing with fluffy ears! Charmaine insisted on taking the bunny ones.

After Ueno Zoo (it was freaking tiring. The zoo is surprisingly huge), we went Odaiba to see Gundam!
Odaiba, infront of the "Statue of Liberty". Yes, dont need to tell me, I can see the height difference.

Rainbow Bridge

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Gundam, an 18-meter-tall life-size Gundam is built in Odaiba. As part of the "Mobile Suit Gundam 30th Anniversary Project", "Gundam will rise from the ground". And yes, it did.

We went late as Gundam was supposed to be lighted up. And quoting ahem, someone, "We should go later. Then, we can see the lights and contrast. It will look better." So we went later. We were impressed, but bewildered by the darkness. We were like looking at Gundam in the darkness, and around us everyone was asking each other why Gundam wasnt lighted up. After much confusion, we finally found out that the lights are switched off at 8pm everyday! So much so for going later!

So everyone was in the dark (and mind you, there was a crowd), and trying desperately to take pictures of the awesome Gundam in the dark with our not-so-powerful-cameras. Around us, everyone was clicking away to no avail. But anyway, below are the better pics.

Gundam's footprint! (Apparently)

Well, I will definitely go again!! I have to see it in action. Apparently it can move it's head and stuff.

25th of July was Sumida River's 花火大会. So Pam, Ter and his friends, and me went to join the crowd. It was crazy! Nothing like the one in Fukuoka! We had to queue just to see the fireworks. And the fireworks were going on for 1.5hrs. The police officer was very funny though.
And then to entertain the crowd he will start talking about the history of the fireworks festival, or ask everyone 「皆元気ですか?」He was hilarious and great. Pam and I were laughing our head off.

There was a queue just to head back home...Heads everywhere! And it is definitely one-way. No going against the direction of the crowd unless you're asking for suicide.

Friday was a day of bad luck for me. Like seriously. Everything started off fine, until I was at work and meeting a client. Forgot to take my namecards, so was rushing down the stairs to go get them...and then fell. -_-''' For the first time, as I was falling, I was really conscious, and somehow my brain managed to process that if I dont stop myself, I am going to roll down the stairs. I was falling really face forward, tipping over. So I grabbed the railings to stop myself. But obviously, I was still scratched, bruised, shoes all over, etc. My brain was screaming pain! But I had to pick myself up and rush down to get the namecards and pretend nothing happened. (One colleague saw me though. He got a shock and asked me whether I was ok.) The pain refused to go away...I am still hurting now just by walking...damn it... and the bruises are starting to show...
Then just as I thought it couldnt get any worse, I came back to office from a factory visit and slammed the car door on my second finger. Wow, so smart. Luckily I didnt use much force.
And then it just went on the whole day, tripping over and stuffs.
Then had dinner with ter. And the bill came...

Is someone up there trying to tell me something?!!

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