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Monday, June 30, 2008


Yep! This is about my Spain & Portugal trip! Finally... haha..sorry for the slow update.

I went for 2 weeks..with my mum and her colleagues...ok, let's skip that part. So, we flew to Barcelona, stopping at Milan for an hour (didn't get to get off the plane...so don't ask me how is Milan..). After arriving at Barcelona, we took a coach to Valencia.

First stop at Valencia was the city square. Where there is also a church. Very nice. Love the architecture.

The Square in Valencia

The Church at the Square in Valencia

Little roadside stalls, mainly for tourists

Next stop was the futuristic landmark of Valencia, marking it as the City of Arts and Sciences. The entire complex is made of five buildings, the Hemesferic, the Planetarium, the Principe Felipe Science Museum, the Oceanarium and the Reina Sofia Arts Palace. Santiago Calatrava is the architect who designed the buildings, and I must say it really stands out.

The Reina Sofia Arts Palace

The Hemesferic. This is suppose to look like an eye.

Found this on the net, which shows it better.

The Principe Felipe Science Museum

As for the other 2 buildings, I didnt get to take pics. So bummer.

There was a stall selling this drink over there.

The drink is made from these nuts.

And yup, that's my mum holding the drink.

It tastes like Soya bean drink. But a super sweet version. Haha...If they put less syrup/sugar, I think it may sell in SG.

This is an arch, modelled after the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. We ate dinner at the restaurant opposite the arch.

The Spanish eat dinner very late. Restaurants are never open before 7.30pm for dinner. In fact, 7.30pm is kinda pushing it. They usually eat at 10pm. The Spanish have long breaks called ciesta. Since their dinner is so late, their lunch is around 2.30-4.30pm. Some shops can open like at 10am and then close for ciesta at 2.30pm, then open at 4.30pm and close at 7pm. Haha...great life huh. I kinda like their lifestyle..lol.

Heading back towards the hotel, I saw a circus! In fact saw a few during the whole trip. It's like so common there.

Then we had a little trouble too coz the road was so narrow and there were cars parked at the side. The guys had to push the cars (they were in free gear), to let our bus go through.
Yupz, that's all for Day 1. Omg...can't believe I spent so much time just on Day 1....I have like so many days more to go... sigh...another day then...

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Sunday, June 29, 2008


My birthday has come and gone. Sigh..one year older again...
Thanks to my friends who celebrated for me, I enjoyed it though.

First up was with my first 3 months JC friends. We went Pizzahut to eat and then head over to Anderson's Ice Cream for dessert. Yummy! And we almost made Zhiyong pay again. Haha..poor guy. Always kena bully by us.

At Pizzahut

At Anderson's Ice-Cream

Me, Razee, Zhiyong, Satiish, Ee Wei

They gave me Isetan voucher! Yay! Coz I desperately need to buy work clothes... -_-''' Haiz.... Thanks guys!

Then on the next day, I celebrated with my Hiroshima Internship friends!

We ate at Tonkichi. Yummy!

They bought me a cake! So nice of them!

And since there is this constant joke about getting branded stuffs.... and my choice was Gucci, they WRAPPED the present using a page from a MAGAZINE that was advertising for Gucci. Yup, no real Gucci! Lol.

They got me what I needed. For my E-Z link card.

PY, Me, Tatami, Hirai

Thanks guys! Enjoyed the celebration! And the food was good!

Then on the day itself, went out with ter for dinner. We went to Singapore Flyer to check out the place. No, we didnt sit on it. Just went there for dinner. Before we left my house, my mum told me, "Er...jiejie is at boxing, dad dunno go where. I'm not going out today. Can you buy your own cake?" -_-''' So she passed me the money. Since we left my house quite late, by the time we finished dinner and got back to Suntec, it was about 10pm. Finally we found a cake at Ben and Jerry's. But they kinda closed the counter and we had to beg them to sell the cake to us. Finally the person asked, "Is it urgent?" Then ter replied, "It's her birthday today. So, yes, it is urgent." I think the person got a shock and immediately said ok. But I think he still had his doubts coz he asked me when I was paying up, "Is it really your birthday today?" -_-''' Well, can't blame him. Firstly it was so last minute, secondly, I personnally went down to buy it, thirdly, I paid for it. Haiz...and then when I reached back home, everybody was sleeping. -_-''' So didn't cut the cake till the next day. Pathetic.

But ter gave me some prezzies. Said that he didn't know what to get me and went on my blog to search for clues. Saw the Nodame entry and decided to get related stuffs. So guess what I got? A Nodame pill case, a Nodame bag chain and the Nodame piano bag! Haha... loved it. But not cheap wor. Thanks! Love it!

Yupz...so that kinda ends my birthday for this year. Thanks to all who have celebrated with me and thanks to all who wished me!

Oh, another update is that I cut my hair again. Haha...shorter. Lol.

And oh no...I havent talked about my Spain trip yet! I am so way behind in updating my blog. Sigh... That's all for now. I hope (fingers crossed) that the next entry would be about the Spain trip.

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Miss me? Lol.

Lately haven't been blogging. And many friends have been complaining about my blog being stagnant. ごめんね。Ever since I got back from Spain and Portugal, I've been trying to overcome the jet lag. And before I could really get over the time difference, I had to start work. And yes, surprise surprise! I've been sleeping early everyday! Haha...
Last Sunday was Duan-wu jie. Was wrapping dumplings at my aunt's place. The night before, due to jet lag, I couldn't sleep and in the end only slept for an hour. Then on Sunday, we wrapped like 400+ dumplings, using 18kg of rice and other ingredients! By the time I reached home, my brain was half-unconscious. I immediately bathed, prepared for the next day (1st day of work) and collasped on my bed at 10.30pm. I was totally out by 10.45pm. Yes! It is a record! the earliest in like dunno how many years! Probably even a decade! I couldn't believe it myself. And I've been sleeping before 12.45am everyday during weekdays. Haha...yes, it could be a wonder to alot of you, but Clarinda has changed. Haha...
So yup, that kinda explains my lack of entries these few weeks.
Work has been ok. It's been only a week. Been waking up at 6.15am everyday (another miracle). But I think that I've gotten used to the timing already. Both Saturday and Sunday I actually automatically woke up but forced myself back to sleep. Haha. There's nothing much to do yet for now. My laptop hasnt arrived yet, so I've been doing things by hand. Yes, the conventional way. Paper, pen, pencil and ruler to do tables which is actually supposed to be done on an excel sheet! Do alot of translating with my half-broken Japanese too. Lol. Then have to write a 感想文 everyday. They are using that to train me to write reports and proposals in Japanese. So it's a good thing but difficult coz of stupid keigo. So basically that's it for work so far. Still trying to get used to it and praying for my laptop to come quick! Shows how much technology has infiltrated into our lives.
Met up with Liyan on Wednesday where she said I looked old. Met up with Wendy on Friday where she said my clothes were loud! And finally met up with Hirai and py for a dumpling party yesterday before meeting up with tatami for Jumbo dinner! Tatami treated us! Yay! And then Hirai and py bought durain puffs and cakes from Goodwood Park Hotel. Yumm... Ok, except me. Come on, havent gotten my first paycheck yet, k. Haha.. My time will come. They are already discussing where to spend my paycheck. Lol. And then there was this whole conversation about Hirai and py being eichi and about seeing hirai's arms and dunno why, tatami having my cleavage... -_-''' Basically everyone was like crazy. Haha.
Well, will blog about my trip soon and show tons of pictures. Tata!

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Saturday, June 7, 2008



With serious jet lag.

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