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Thursday, August 30, 2007


I'M BACK! シンガポールに帰った!

After being gone for more than 6 weeks, feeling abit weird to be back. And I seem to be even more busy than when I left. -_-''
Will blog about my trip in a few posts..coz I dun think I want to sit down and write a super long post for hours.
Not going to post about my HK trip, coz firstly it was so long ago, and secondly didn't have much photos on that trip. It was basically eating and shopping, and of coz ter's graduation. Haha... So after I came back from HK, after 3 days of rushed packing, I flew off to Japan!

Went Osaka first with クレちゃん. There, his friend, 由香利, from Hokkaido came to Osaka to meet us for about 2 days! It was mainly eating and shopping. Not much sightsee. In fact almost none. Haha...



After 由香利 left, we went Kyoto! Some photos...

Me at 清水寺

A love shrine at 清水寺。Didn't know there was one. Although this is my second time here.


Those of you who watched Memoirs of the Geisha may find this picture on top familiar. It's where the young girl (the girl acting as Zhang Ziyi when she was small), ran through a whole row of tori gates. Yupz, this is the shrine in which that scene was filmed. We reached there about 5 plus in the evening. It's out of the city, thus kinda 田舎, so it took us abit of time to get there. So, by the time we walked like half of the shrine and passed half of the tori gates, it was quite dark. Going on to 7pm. It was kinda scary. Like seriously. We were one of the only ones left walking the shrine and the lights were dim, etc, etc. Atmosphere was eerie. Oh, and there was one point, we saw this old guy at one of the breaks of the tori gates. And he was facing the place where people wash hands and drink the water from the scoop, he zipped up his pants! We were horrified. I mean...did he like pee in there? eww...

That kinda ends the Kyoto trip. Then we met up with my Hyogo friends too! Yay! Have not seen them for so long and they are still as crazy as ever. Haha... We went all the way to Kobe just to meet them for dinner and almost could not make it back in time! Had to call the hotel, coz there was curfew. -_-'''


Oh, and in Osaka, I saw this vending machine selling Oden. For those who don't know, I love Oden...haha.. so I was kinda amazed and took a pic of it. But, no..I didnt try it. Too full la.

Ate many things and went alot of other places too. Ok, this is the end of my Osaka/Kyoto/Kobe trip. Next post will be on my Fukuoka one!

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