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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Busy Bee

Back from Hong Kong and going to Japan tomorrow!! Excited but kinda rush. Plus, I think I'm falling sick. -_-''' Will blog about my HK trip soon.

Thanks to JH who called me!! Great hearing from you. Take care ya?

~ { 11:45 PM }
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Monday, June 11, 2007

Maid Cafe

Tired. Tomorrow is my last day of work. Been selling baby shoes. Actually it's quite fun. I learnt alot about baby feet. Haha... And it is interesting. Didn't get to do the airport job after all. It keeps getting delayed and delayed. I think I come back from HK and fly to Japan already, still haven't start. But, I realised I have so many other things to do before I fly off! So many things to do yet so little time. Hai~

Oh, went to Cosafe the other day with the JS people. For those who don't know, Cosafe is the first and only Meido Cafe (Maid cafe) in Singapore. Although I had heard alot of negative reviews about Cosafe, I was really looking forward to it. I always wanted to enter into one la. But it was really a disappointment. No phrases from the waitresses to give us the feeling of being in a meido cafe. The decor did not give the atmosphere too. The food was not bad, but it was a little on the pricey side. All in all, I thought that it was quite a flop. Ok, as a cafe it is passable. But as a Meido Cafe, I thought that it was quite bad. If I didn't see the waitresses, I wouldn't even realise that I am in a Meido Cafe. It was just a normal restaurant/cafe, with waitresses in black and white frilly maid costume. But I am still glad that I went at least once to try. At least I tried the Meido Cafe in SG. Haha...

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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Packed month

Been a while since I blogged. Been busy meeting up with friends and with part-time jobs here and there. Worked for like 3 times in Isetan Scotts as a sales promoter for an accessories brand called Fie Japan. It's a brand which I patronised before. I like their accessories..quite unique. But the price is slightly on the high side. So although I worked as a sales promoter and spent all day looking at the accessories which I was so tempted to own, I couldn't buy any of them.(*´ο`*) Somemore I'm supposed to be saving for my trips.
Another job that I'm doing is pushcart sales of baby shoes at Raffles Place MRT. It's starting next week. And another job which I'm still waiting for it to start (it keeps getting delayed), is to interview Japanese tourists in the airport. I hope that they will start soon else I won't be able to work coz I'll be flying off soon. I need the $$.
So in the midst of all these jobs, I've been catching up with friends. Meeting them kind of makes me feel abit left out, or maybe kind of reminds me of where I should be and what I should be doing now. Yes, yes, I know. Everybody says that school life is better than work life, so I should just enjoy and treasure my school life now. But somehow, when I see all my friends graduating one by one and starting work, I can't help feeling abit lonely and wondering what my life should be. Sometimes I wonder whether I made the right choice into continuing my studies...oh well... the lure of money is quite great and when I'm left alone in school, it kind of makes me wonder, if you know what I mean.
But of course, I'm glad that I have gotten many opportunities like the one coming in July where I'll be going to Japan. Speaking of which, I'm quite excited but am busy preparing for it.

To all those friends out there that have started working, I miss you all and good luck and work hard in your jobs!
To all those friends out there that have just graduated and are finding jobs, and to those who are switching jobs (I happen to know quite a few), good luck and I hope that the job that you get will be what you want to do and that you will be happy working!
To all those friends out there who are still studying, let's work hard yea?

Life is amazing.
It may not turn out as we planned,
but even when we walk down a road in which we have not planned,
there are plenty of surprises and opportunities waiting for us.

~ { 3:54 AM }
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