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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Azuki Caramel Sweet

For sis. Red bean caramel sweet. Apparently only available in Fukuoka.

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Mum's Cooking

The 2 weeks that mum was here, she cooked! Yay~
Didn't need to worry about my meals when I got home from work.

Chilli crab!

Banana cake made using the microwave! Didn't look great, but it tasted great.

Seafood Spaghetti in White Wine Sauce

Bacon wrapped Hamburg with Sweet Potatoes and Mushrooms on the side

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Ushiku, Ibaraki 20100410

Brought my mum to Ibaraki and we met up with Li Yan. Then we went to Ushiku to see the world's tallest bronze Buddha. Before that, we stopped at the outlet for lunch.

Green tea latte at Bagel & Bagel. Mau's fav bagels.

Avocado and Bacon Bagel

The world's tallest bronze Buddha in the background with an actual size of the head in the foreground.

The statue got the Guinness World Record

Gardeners hard at work

These koi fishes were scary. They were huge and fat. And they were practically like only one fifth submerged. They were trying to get to the food which people throw and those that get washed up to the front. They basically didn't swim, but were just wiggling and using their fins to push them forward.

Dunno what this plant is. But I see it around in winter/spring. Looks like a kind of cabbage to me.

I look tall..... lol.

There was a small petting zoo in the garden surrounding the statue.

Nibbling away at a carrot stick. Cute.

This is cute. I like that the squirrel is wearing an armor. The sign says that don't grab the squirrels as they will bite. The staff will not take any responsibility if this happens.

The process of a star jump!

①Preparing to jump


③Straining to be as high as possible

④Landing safely

The whole series of pictures were taken separately, in fact in reverse order. We just couldn't get a shot of me in the air and had to try many times. Lol.

Well, it is impossible not to shop when we stopped by the outlet. Hee...
Bought new specs! Cheap~

This pic is for sis from Li Yan. Lol.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Sakura in Tamagawa 多摩川公園

Mum came to visit and to see sakura for 2 weeks. So after asking around, I decided to bring her to Tamagawa Park in Kanagawa prefecture, off Tokyo. Happy looking at the pictures!

After the sakura viewing, we headed over to Jiyuugaoka for some shopping and tea.

Sakura and Peach dessert

Strawberry shortcake

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