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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cirque du Soleil

While Mum was in Tokyo, I was quite busy and had to work during weekdays and weekends till late. Felt bad about not being able to spend time with her and decided to treat her to a circus show! I have always wanted to watch Cirque Du Soleil and I thought why not?

For those who do not or have not heard of this troupe, here is some background on them.
Cirque du Soleil which means "Circus of the Sun", is a circus troupe from Quebec, Canada. The troupe started off as a street performance, and has probably become the world's most famous circus(without animals). Cirque du Soleil has travelled to Singapore where the traveling troupe performed. However, Cirque du Soleil has also what they call a resident show where there is a permanent theatre in a country where a show is performed. Each show (whether it is a traveling troupe or a resident show) has a different theme and storyline. There are currently about 23 shows (I think) performing all over the world.

Japan has a resident show with a permanent theatre which is located beside Disneyland and DisneySea. The name of the show is called "ZED" and it is being performed twice almost everyday. The performance was superb! I love the clowns! The stage was breathtaking and the stunts were exciting. I was left speechless many times by the whole choreography. Everything is live. There is a live band and the songs are sung by singers who are performing. I think it is not right to say that Cirque du Soleil performs just a circus show. It is pure entertainment at its best. I would recommend anyone to watch it at least once. But it is expensive...

The building shaped like a Big Top (circus tent).

After "Zed", we headed to the Ninja Restaurant which mum wanted to try so much. And the ninja waitress remembered me! And we got the same magician as the one that performed when I went the previous time!

Burning wallet!

Mum being mum...who loves good food, ordered the 10,000yen per person Hanzou course.

My first cocktail.

2nd cocktail.

Shuriken star-blades grissini

Diced octopus with marinated scallop

Turban shell bombs a la escargot

Autumn treasure chest

Autumn treasure chest

Autumn treasure chest

Today's kaiseki soup, which was fish in clear broth

Seafood speciality of the day which was abalone risotto.

Mum's Japanese beef steak in wasabi horseradish and pepper sauce

My Ninja-style roast lamb with Korean flavoring


3 Desserts which was 1) Rare cheese cake

2) Fruits

3) Tiramisu

It was a day in which we spent a lot of money. But all well worth it.

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Food! Mum in Tokyo Aug/Sept 2010

Mum was visiting Tokyo and we went round eating good food! Yay!

One of the lunches during the weekend was taken in Singapore Seafood Republic. Singapore food~
We ordered the Bukit Timah Course meal for lunch. Don't ask me why they called it that. I have no idea... but it was not bad.

Vegetable Salad with prawns

Sharks fin in Winter Melon Soup

Spicy Sour Shrimp (Kong Pao style)

Sambal Beef

Fried Rice with Pork

Dessert which was jelly and ice-cream.

Took some pictures of the place and found quite a number of posters and flyers on Singapore.

One of the dinners during the weekends was taken at an izakaya which is famous for fish, in Shinjuku.

Consomme Jelly

This was great. Bacon slices and brinjal grilled.

Rice and fish were steaming in this earthern pot.

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