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Sunday, March 22, 2009



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Saturday, March 21, 2009


Life is starting to routinized itself, although I have been back for less than a week.
My daily life for now:

Wake up
Eat breakfast and check weather by watching tv
Wash up
Throw rubbish (and get traumatized by the guy at the ゴミ置き場)
Go to work and during lunch, trying to finish eating in record time
Go home
Cook dinner
Have dinner while watching tv
Clear up, wash up
Sweep floor/mop floor
If there is time and I feel that I have energy, wash clothes or iron clothes
Watch tv
Read comics

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Back in Tokyo

Back in Tokyo.
This time it is really for the long haul...
Thanks to all who went to the airport to send me off. Love you all!! Really appreciate it.
Thanks to Wendy, Lay Kiat, Yuen Mei, Jinghui and Weiting (for the presentation?) for the scrapbook! Love it! Teared a little on the plane...but was mostly sniggering to myself..which I think caused the people sitting around me to think that I'm crazy...lol.

Things are ok so far. Trying to settle all the stuffs...especially bank acc, internet and mobile...
Other than that...can't wait for tomorrow coz it is a public holiday..lol. Yay! 3 days rest!

Ate finish whatever that was on my plate in 15mins today for lunch. That's a great achievement! Maybe it was the type of food...it was hayashi rice.... But still..yay! At least I didnt feel like puking nor feel stressed up...lol.

Ok, better go now....lunch break is ending soon! Take care to all!

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Friday, March 6, 2009


In Tokyo. Been here since slightly more than a week ago. Started work for one week. Going back SG next week for a week. Lol. And then will be back here again.

It’s freaking cold here. It snowed in Tokyo last week once, and this week twice. Snowing in TOKYO! You can imagine how cold it is… Plus it rains sometimes too. And with the wind…. Brrr!

Apartment is ok. Settled most of the stuffs already. Just need to buy chairs and storage boxes left. Haven’t gotten internet at home yet, nor a mobile phone. And that sucks. Coz it means that I don’t really have a tool for communication, except for my SG mobile which bill is going to be sky high again… Haiz…

Not homesick yet. Maybe coz I’m going back SG next week. Lol.

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