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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hyogo Gathering

Went out with my Hyogo friends today. It was kind of a bon-voyage gathering for those going for the Hiroshima internship...but only one of them turned up. Haha.. We went to Plaza Singapura's Manhattan Fish Market and ordered 2 seafood platters to share. おいしい! After that we headed over to Mind's Cafe, only to find it closed for today for a company event! So, we decided to head over to Settler's Cafe (the Clarke Quay branch) and guess what? It was closed! It is closed on Mondays. -_-''' We were like thinking how 'lucky' we could get. So in the end, we ended up in Central at Clarke Quay and settled in a Taiwan cafe for some drinks and snacks. Played this mind-taxing game introduced by Wenqiu... quite fun and funny...

Although only 5 people turned up for the gathering, it was quite fun. Hope that more people will turn up for the next one. And those who are going to Hiroshima for internship, enjoy yourselves!!

Forgot to take any pictures, so these are the ones that were taken on the Hyogo trip.

The ship - FujiMaru

The Singaporeans

Japanese friends from Group 14 - the class that I was attached to.

Farewell party from Group 14

Japanese friends from Group 14

Japanese friends from Group 14

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Farewell Gift
Ok, I couldn't resist showing more photos than I intended to. But it was really a great experience.
大学洋上セミナー兵庫2006 の皆さん大好き!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007



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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

1st English entry

This is my first English entry. For those that have been wondering for ages why I blogged in Japanese and why my topics were so serious, it is because this blog was originally set up as a homework for my Japanese langauge class. Since it is the end of the semester, I think it is safe to write an English entry. I will be writing both in English and Japanese from now on, so that most of my friends can read this blog and know what am I doing nowadays.

Exams are finally over! But..still have one more year to go... (*´ο`*)
I will be going Hongkong for vacation in June, and then I will be off to Japan! Yay! \(^ ^)/
So excited!! Meanwhile, I'm looking for part time job. Need money to fund my trips la... hee...
So, if anybody have jobs to offer me, please do!

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