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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Joel in Tokyo

Pictures of FOOD!!



Lunch at the Outlet in Odaiba

Lunch at the Outlet in Odaiba

Lunch at the Outlet in Odaiba

I didn't know that there was a mini casino in Tokyo! I thought it isn't allowed. It is right smack in the center of the Outlet in Odaiba.

Joel brought over Bak Kut Teh he bought from Malaysia and Li Yan came over for dinner. So we cooked.


I have been snacking alot lately especially at work. When I am sleepy, in order to keep awake, I snack. This is bad... I think I'm putting on weight. Shucks... I have made a resolution to do crunches every night....


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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Balanced diet

One of the managers in my company who is staying alone in Chiba asked me one day what do I eat for dinners and weekends. His family is in Osaka, so he has to settle meals and cooks for himself too. After hearing my diet, he shakes his head and said that I do not have a balanced diet. Not enough veggies, apparently. Then he showed me some photos he snapped of his food with his phone, and told me how he made salads.

So fine, I know I don't have enough veggies and fruits. Whatever veggies I consume are those that I have during lunch in the canteen, which is usually close to zit. So finally after much procrastinating, I decided to follow his example and started making salads. I have to say it is yummy. And I feel much healthier. lol.

Just throw in lettuce, sliced tomatoes, sliced green peppers, smoked pepperoni/ham/whatever meat, sprinkle cheese (I dunno what kind of cheese I bought. It just wrote thinly sliced natural cheese. The manager uses blue cheese.), and lastly italian dressing (I bought the low calorie kind). Sliced avocado is yummy with it too. It is yummy and easy to make. So yea, my healthy living starts...

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