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Saturday, March 15, 2008


上手じゃないけど、今なら考えて、もしそのまま止めるなら、とても残念なことじゃない?せっかく10年以上ピアノを習ったから。今さら、もう一度弾くかな~ 趣味に取って。
Been sleeping late lately coz I've been watching dramas. I just finished watching Nodame Cantabile. Yes, I'm slow...it's been some time since it has stopped airing. Heh~
I love Nadame Cantabile! It's really good. And I must say that this is one of the very few dramas that is able to express the manga very well. It is very well done, seriously. I really enjoyed watching it, but with it also came a sense of sadness. After watching the show, I started thinking why did I stop playing the piano. I stopped lessons to mug for O'levels and then never picked it up again. Over the years, although I played occasionally, the number of times got lesser and lesser. Instead of playing the piano, I always thought that I have other more important things to do, that I am very busy and had no time.
Now, thinking about it, it's really been a pity. I really loved playing the piano. When I had to stop, I cried coz I was so sad. I always wanted to pick it up again, but always gave myself excuses. I can say that I'm not very good in piano, but just leaving it like that is really a pity. Maybe I should start playing again...to relieve stress or something...but maybe I'll put stress on my neighbours due to my poor playing...haha..

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Saturday, March 8, 2008




☆チャン☆ ☆チャン☆ 





Yay! I passed my JLPT! Haha..it was a close shave though. But whatever...haha...

I'm going to introduce to all of you someone that is very dear to me. Without him, *blushes*, I'll feel unsafe at night and uneasy.


Yupz! That is my Eeyore! Haha...

Ok, those that have been with me overseas or stayed over at my place should know... I always have a soft toy that I hug to sleep. When I go overseas, I will bring a small one, like those key chain size ones, and hold it in my hand when I sleep. Call me whatever you want, silly as it may seems, it just gives me a sense of comfort and security. Yes, tell me to get a life!

There is always a favorite. It used to be Garfield, then Felix the Cat, then a squirrel, then Tare panda, and now Eeyore! (Oh, I forgot, when I was staying in hostel, my hostel fav was Oddball from 101 Dalmations). Yupz, and everytime my favorite stuffed toy gets torn or too old, when I'm not at home, my mum will take the chance to throw it away! When I return home and can't find it, I will start crying and be so pissed at her. Haha...

So back to my Eeyore...this is from the Baby series....it is not just a normal Eeyore. He is wearing a red er...thingy... Haha...actually this red thingy was from my favorite small pillow (yes, SIA! haha..lol), which of course was torned and tattered, feathers coming out from everywhere, and so had to find its place in the rubbish dump. So before it ended up there (of coz, by my mum too...) I managed to save the cover! Haha...so I just slipped it on Eeyore, so it's like he is wearing a pillow case. Just that now this pillow case is getting really torn and tattered. Haha...

Oh, if you start thinking that this is my dirty, smelly, favorite stuffed toy, uh-uh...that's not true! I give all my soft toys (the pillow case included), a regular bath in the washing machine and then let them suntan for a few days.

Haha..so yup, after reading this much, you can expect my bed to have alot of soft toys...which of course you are right! There is right now a count of 20, yes exactly 20 of all kinds of sizes of stuffed toys on my bed! Haha... Oh, and many of them are actually from UFO catchers. LOL! So, never let me step into a game center!

And of course I must mention sweet ter who brought Eeyore all the way from SG to Japan 3 years ago to surprise me. With that red pillow case too! Haha...he even got someone to sew up and add 3 buttons to that red pillow case so that Eeyore can wear it properly. LOL!

Oh before I end of this totally embarrassing secret of mine, does anybody know whether Eeyore is male or female? Haha..to me he's male. Haha... no surprises there! But this has been a constant debate between me and ter who says that Eeyore is female because of the pink ribbon on it's tail. Haha... I conclude that it is a bow which guys do wear with tux. lol.

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