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Thursday, April 17, 2008

the end...and the start...





It is my last day of school today. Although results are not out yet and the graduation ceremony is not held yet, officially, my school ends today.

Although I have been waiting for this day for ages, I wasn't happy at all. Have alot of mixed feelings. Of coz I'm relieved that I don't need to mug for exams and rush datelines, getting all worried about my CAP and all that, but I will really miss school. I like studying actually, and I will definitely miss those times hanging out with friends in school, complaining about teachers and lessons, whining about datelines and stress, etc. And I will definitely miss my dear teachers and their lessons (the good ones of coz).

But I guess it's high time to move on. Will look hard for a job.

Thanks to all who have helped me these past 5 years. Love ya all!

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The last spurt...

YES! I finally finished my ISM! I was so stressed over it...been sleeping at 5am everyday coz of it. Sigh~ but finally, it is finished! Haha..I'm so happy.... now left Japanese... and in 2 weeks time, my uni life is over! Kinda sad though. I like studying actually...and I'll really miss uni life. Sigh~ but yes, it's time to move on and work towards my first million! HAHA...lol..no la...just earn money... $$$ is a very important thing you know...haha...

Oh, I cut my hair. More like chopped off my hair actually. Haha..was so stressed over the stupid paper that I just needed to do something...and just cut it all off. Ok, not all...but it's much much shorter.

Oh, and my sis is asking me to write in to her favorite Takki, to tell him that I wrote my ISM on his performance. -_-''' Since I owe her, finez...

That's about it for now...still gotta pia my Japanese. Oh, and I signed up for JLPT 1 prep course, so it's really all Japanese now... 頑張ります!

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