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Saturday, November 21, 2009


This is way overdue, but here are some pics when I went Osaka for 出張 in mid-October. We did some sightseeing in Nara 奈良 during the weekend.

Walking along the streets towards our destination, 東大寺, famous for its statue of the Buddha.

A craftsman making hand-made candles. Basically, he rolls the hot wax on the sticks, layer by layer until the candle is of the correct size and shape.

Then hand paints them.

Cute poster. Great pun.

3-storey pagoda

It was the season of autumn changing into winter. The color of leaves were changing. Beautiful!

This guy is in charge of praying and banging the huge bell every minute.

Beautiful blue sky with the 5-storey pagoda in the background.



The famous statue of the Buddha in Nara.

Nara city is a place where deers are free to roam around. So wherever you go, there may be deers around. Most of the antlers of the deers are cut away for safety, but there were still some roaming around with their antlers intact.

This is a place where the temple's treasures are kept for hundreds of years.

This structure was built centuries ago and still stands today. The wood that are stacked together are triangular in shape. This is so that when the air is wet or when it rains, the wood absorbs water and expands, thereby sealing the space between each piece of wood (the 2 ends of the triangle), preventing too much humidity in the interior, preserving the treasures. When the air is dry, the wood contracts and allows air to flow into the interior. This ensures that the humidity and temperature level in the interior is regulated, naturally. I thought that it is really ingenious. And this was thought by the people centuries ago who built this structure.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

MJ - Man in the Mirror

Watched mau's MJ's concert dvd last night. Love it! Gonna get it.
The lyrics of all his songs are really very meaningful.
Watched "This Is It" 2 weeks ago. It is great. The concerts would have been spectacular beyond words.

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Chicken rice

Although this happened quite some time ago, just thought that I will put it up.
Chicken rice! Liyan and her friend, Emily, self-invited themselves over for dinner, so I made chicken rice!
It was quite good...
I still have 3 packets of Chicken rice premix....

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