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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Relaxing Weekend

Trying to go different places every weekend. Just want to get to know Tokyo better, and know what there are at different places. So last weekend, Pamela and I poured over a Tokyo guidebook, and decided on Jiyugaoka(自由が丘), a place apparently filled with dessert shops and cafes. Settling on one of the recommended cafes, we headed to Tokyo Sweets Factory.

Stairs down to the cafe

Their line-up of cakes

Praline Chocolate cake and Rose hip-something-tea

The cake was superb. The drink was nice too. The atmosphere was great. Generally, 自由が丘 is quite a hippie place. Very relaxing, maybe therefore the name. I like the place. Very modern with a western feel, but yet I can still feel the Japanese-ness in the place. Japanese-Western, if you know what I mean.

After the tea, we headed to a nearby shopping mall. Actually it is just a place hidden behind the main street with a few shops. All very western/country-ish/relaxing.

By the way, I spent alot here. And Pamela didnt even buy anything!! I couldnt believe it. And I kept telling her as we go from shop to shop, that I am definitely not going to buy anything. But we always came out of the shop with a bag in my hand. Damn...

Remember the recipe book that I bought? I thought that it is time to try to challenge my cooking skills...haha...and tried one dish in the book. The dish for the day - もやし巻き豚肉しょうが焼き which basically just translates as 'stir-fried bean sprouts wrapped in ginger pork'. Although it doesnt look that great in the photo, it is actually not bad! I consider my first challenge a success!

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Friday, April 24, 2009


Managed to upload pics from my mobile (currently no cam). Enjoy!


Yasukuni Shrine(靖国神社)

Yasukuni Shrine(靖国神社)

Yasukuni Shrine(靖国神社)

Yasukuni Shrine(靖国神社)- Noh Stage

Yasukuni Shrine(靖国神社)- Noh Stage

Yasukuni Shrine(靖国神社)- Ohanami

Kudanshita(九段下)- Park

Roppongi Hills (六本木ヒルズ)

Asahi Television

Asahi Television

Shortcut from my station to my office


Meiji Shrine

Traditional Japanese Wedding at Meiji Shrine

Traditional Japanese Wedding at Meiji Shrine


Fuji Television

Fuji Television

Fuji Television

Rainbow Bridge

Tokyo Tower

Chichibu, Saitama(秩父、埼玉)

Shiba Sakura(芝桜)

The mountain in the backdrop is slowly disappearing due to mining.


Pamela's Random Drawings...

Homecooked Food
From left to right, Stir-fried brinjals and minced chicken in spicy korean sauce, boiled dumplings with vinegar, 冷やしトマト

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