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Sunday, January 13, 2008


Just wanted to talk about the song playing in the background of my blog. First heard it in Bleach, the anime (it's the 10th ending song). First took note of it when Gen and Marisa sang during our last karaoke meeting. After that, went to search for it in my office and found the single, and listened to it over and over again, reading the lyrics. This song is written and sung by Hoshimura Mai.

Japanese Lyrics

い をしたね
ひらひらとちる びらの

いたくてけた のあたる
は わらぬまま

まるでからめたように げた

きでしたきでした めた
だけがっていた やわらかな

かめあったけど たせぬまま

どこかでてるのかなぁ あの

いかけた々のに まれた

とめどないいがして がこみげた

まだいて げた

English Lyrics

I met you at sixteen And we shared a love a hundred years old
Under the fluttering, dancing downpetals of the sakura tree 
I wanted to meet you, so I ran
On the steep hill road where sunlight landsand in the corner of the park our two shadows are unchanging even now
You, and me, and the sakura weather
I sway in the wind and dance back again
As if I had just awoken from a long dream
I look up and see a pink sky
I was in love; I was in love
with you as your smile began to blossom
I alone knew aboutthat soft place on your right side
The promise under the sakura tree
of "Let's come here again next year"
We reaffirmed it to each other so many times
but it remains unfulfilled even now
You, and me, and the sakura weather
I am gently revived by the wind
I wonder if now, you're looking at it too,
the same pink sky we saw that day
I chased after those days;
the footprints engraved in them are
the most irreplaceable treasure
You, and me, and the sakura weather
I sway in the wind and dance back again
My endless emotions overflowed out of me
and tears filled my heart
You, and me, and the sakura weather
I sway in the wind and dance back again
Holding to my chest a future I can't yet seeI look up and see a pink sky

Somehow listening to this song and reading the lyrics bring back alot of memories. I can somehow relate to this song. Thought to share it with all of you.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Marisa, me, Mei







Met up with the ATW people on Friday for sukiyaki at Jiahui's house! It was a success and almost everyone came. One of the most successful gatherings. Except for Clarence who was sick and Momo who ate steamboat at home with her family. Ate so much, and as usual was the last to stop. =p

Today, met up with my first 3 months JC classmates! I think it's been around 1-2 years since I met them although they have been meeting up quite often. Think coz I wasn't in SG. But it was great meeting them. And it is kinda amazing when I think about it. I really enjoyed those first 3 months. Although I can't really remember all the things that we did, but I remember having loads of fun. And it's been like 7 years? I think the gatherings that we hold are much more than my JC friends. It's really quite amazing.

And I have taken up muay thai. Yupz, thai boxing. Thanks to my sis's influence and persuasion. But it is really a good workout, something I've not done in a long time. Ever since I stopped hockey, I've been lazing around and getting fat, and worse, my health kinda deproved. Now that I have started exercising again, I feel much better about myself and feel more refreshed. Of coz, I'm hoping to lose that tummy I have grown over the past 2 years. But I'm aching terribly now. Have trouble walking down the stairs. Haha... I guess it will get better when I'm more used to it.

Laptop has gone bonkers. Pissed. Sending for repair tomorrow. Grr... I dun want to lose all my stuffs in my hard disk. =(

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Thursday, January 3, 2008





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