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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hokkaido Part 5

On our last day in Hokkaido, we decided to go to Nijo Market.

The Sapporo Tower

Nijo Market

We decided to have breakfast at one of the restaurants in Nijo Market which was featured in the travel magazine that we bought.

My breakfast.

Tuna, salmon and crab sushi.

Uni-don. Sea urchin on rice.

Scallop sashimi on rice.

Salmon roe on rice.

Crab soup.

Peiyen's breakfast. Salmon sashimi on rice.

The restaurant where we had our breakfast.

Our car parked, with Sapporo Tower in the background.

After Nijo Market, we headed to the famous Shiroi Koibito Factory.

Made from sugar.

Made from sugar.

From the tea cups room. There were tons of beautiful tea cups.

Origin of Valentine's Day

Origin of Valentine's Day

Hmm, does this give us the excuse to eat more chocolate??

Hmm, so it is ok to eat chocolate even when we are on diet??

Hands-on bakery experience for kids. Cute! She practically cant reach!

Tiramisu and cappuccino for tea.

Peiyen's hot chocolate.

After the Shiroi Koibito Factory, we went to a famous ice-cream place, recommended by the helper from our accommodation in Furano. She is from Sapporo, so she recommended us this place.

Their famous vanilla ice-cream. It was yummy, but a little too much for me.

Then we just randomly picked an izakaya for dinner.

This was great! Yummy! Yaki Hotate! And a huge one too!

Melon cocktail, ordered by Peiyen. I think it can only be found in Hokkaido. It was nice.

Sapporo at night.

The next day, we headed to the airport and returned our trusty Nissan March, and flew back to Tokyo. However, before we got onto the plane, we decided to buy the famous cheesecake (I didnt know it was famous until Peiyen told me) to bring back to Tokyo.

When we got back to my house, we feasted!

The cheesecake.

Also arriving at my place on the day we got back were our melons that we ordered from Hokkaido! 2 for me and 1 which Peiyen lugged all the way back to SG!

It was a great trip. Alot of new experiences. It was tiring, but I love driving! It was a really different trip as driving gave us so much more freedom to choose where we wanted to go. And because of this trip, Peiyen has decided to learn driving! We can take turns to drive the next time! Also on this trip, I got to know of Peiyen's habit when she is deep in thought...lol.
I love Hokkaido! I just wished that there were more sunny days. Of all the places that we went, I liked Otaru and Sapporo the least. I love Furano and Biei. I love Hokuryu Town for the sunflowers too, although it was always overcast. Someday, I will go back there again.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hokkaido Part 4

Better late than never. The next part to my Hokkaido trip.

We checked out of the accommodation as we were heading back towards Sapporo. Took some pics of our room.

Look at the water jugs!

It is a nice place. The people are nice too. I would love to stay here again. The breakfast is great too! And the price is reasonable! I recommend this place to anyone who is going Furano.

The night before, some of us gathered in the living room to talk. We met this guy who stays in Shizuoka and is touring on a motorbike. He drove all the way up the main island of Japan, loaded his motorbike up a ferry and took the ferry to Hokkaido. And then he travelled all the way up to the northern-most point of Hokkaido and was traveling back down again. He was learning Mandarin and insisted on speaking to us in Mandarin. While talking, he found out that we went Hokuryu Town to see the sunflowers and he asked whether we ate the sunflower soft cream. Hearing this, Peiyen who loves soft creams managed to persuade me to make the trip back up the next day before traveling all the way down to Otaru and then to Sapporo for the night.

So we set off the next day and headed towards Hokuryu Town. On the way, we saw another flower farm, Kan no Farm, and decided to stop to take a look. It started to rain while we were walking around the farm, so the photos turned out a little dark with the dark clouds.

After getting back into the car, shivering because of the cold and rain, we continued our journey up to Hokuryu Town. Hoping for a clear blue sky, we were disappointed. We were only greeted with an overcast sky and rain.

Please don't ask me why there are ducks there. I have no idea. There was even one ostrich.

Our car!

Our car!

Can you imagine how beautiful it would be if the sky was clear blue and if it was during the peak of the sunflower season? Although it was raining and many of the sunflowers were already withering as it was nearing the end of the season, we managed to catch a glimpse/idea of how beautiful it would have been. There was even a sunflower maze, but it was not open. The only down side are the bees! Scary!

I was quite freaked out by the bees.

Our destination for the sunflower soft cream!

What we came for!

Our lunch. It was good!

Our dessert. Sunflower soft cream! See the petal? That's the sunflower. It was just super creamy vanilla soft cream with a sunflower petal.

Due to the long distance between Hokuryu Town and Otaru, we decided to take the expressway and pay for it. If we took the normal roads, we would have taken like 5 to 6 hours? But we took about 3 hours to get to Otaru. It was fast, but boring. I was falling asleep on the expressway and had to ask Peiyen to talk to me and luckily we bought coffee.



The famous canal in Otaru.

Our dinner.

After we left Otaru, we drove to Sapporo where we checked into Toyoko Inn.

First time parking in this kind of carpark!

Our room. It was huge. Inexpensive and huge. Guests can stay here long-term.

Otaru is famous for their musical boxes and glass. We spent about 2 hours and made our very own musical boxes. The only ones in the world! Took pictures when we were in our hotel room in Sapporo. It was really a coincidence. Both of us chose glass pieces of a frog... sleeping. Lol.

The musical box I made. The song is 蕾 by コブクロ.

The musical box Peiyen made.

Our masterpieces!

It was a tiring but fruitful day. The driving was tiring. But it was worth it. I missed Furano.

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