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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Enoshima 16/01/2010

Mum and Dad came over in Jan and we decided to go Enoshima in Kamakura. Sis coincidentally came over the same time, so she went too. Enoshima is a small island/seaside town in Kanagawa prefecture, to the south of Tokyo.

Enoden, a slow train which takes you on a scenic ride.

This van was parked in front of the station and sold homemade bread and coffee!

Sesame sandwich bread!

Grilled onigiri

Guess who visited this road-side stall? Kinki Kids!

The onigiri were really good. There were unagi inside, mixed with the rice.

Read the English words carefully. Earthquake = Tsunami (Tidal-waves) -> Refug (?!)

We saw so many of these huge birds flying in the sky and were thinking that they looked like eagles, till we saw the sign below...

After we crossed the bridge to the island, the first thing that greeted us was this cat which looked as if it got drenched in a swimming pool. It just sat there not moving until Sylvia went up close to it and tried to take a picture.

The place we WANTED to go for lunch as it is famous. But there were like 35 people/groups on the waiting list. So we gave up.

Our lunch at another restaurant instead.

Apparently, tulips were in season.

We went to Miami!!

Love the setting of the cafe and the view. Would like to try this someday.

See the background? It was so tropical... but when you look carefully, you will realise that the palm trees are withering in the winter cold...

Drying seaweed.

On our way to the caves.

On our way back from the caves. There were so many steps, mum and dad almost couldn't make it. They were huffing and puffing and the next day had muscle ache.

The next day, we went to my favorite place, Jiyuugaoka! I brought them to Sweets Forest, and they loved it! Well, at least mum and sis did.

It was a great weekend. It has been sometime since all four of us were overseas together. Kind of miss those holidays we used to take together.
Anyway, I had fun. =)

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