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Sunday, February 24, 2008




Sean from Canada, who was also from the ATW program, came to SG! He brought his girlfriend along too. They were actually on their way to Korea, where Sean will be doing an exchange progam. It was great seeing him again. Brought back loads of memories about the program, kinda caught up on each other's lives and all that. It was in the middle of the week, so most of us weren't free. So in the end, we only had a lunch with them in school, and a dinner at Lau Pa Sat (which I kept getting mixed up with Maxwell, yes, I'm so sorry everybody).

Been busy as usual. With all the added homework, the ISM that I have to write, part time jobs and of coz now I have to start looking for jobs. Argh... kinda nervous to think about it. Soon, I am going to be part of the working society. Most of me wants to get out of school and start making money, but there's this tiny bit of me that knows that I'm gonna miss school and am kind of nervous actually. Oh wellz...dun wanna really think about it yet...

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Saturday, February 16, 2008


It's been some time since I updated my blog. Been really busy and tired. Chinese New Year has come and gone (ok maybe not gone since there are 15 days of New Year), Valentine's Day has come and gone and ter's birthday has come and gone. And almost half a sem has passed! Time really flies.

Been busy with school and then work. Hmm..can't wait for school to end. Finally I can say it is my final semester. Sigh...thinking back, it has really been a long journey to where I am today. Lots of hard times, lots of happy times and lots of great experiences. Thanks to all who made these happened.

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Sunday, February 3, 2008




My laptop has finally been repaired. They practically changed everything actually...haha...abit like having a brand new laptop. It took 3 bloody weeks!! But oh well, it's back and ok, so I'm not complaining.

2 weeks ago, Masako and Nagisa from Fukuoka came! They actually skipped school to come to Singapore. I'm touched. They only came for a few days and stayed over at my place. I'm really happy that they came as we could catch up on our lives since ATW ended. Really miss them alot. So we took them around and really enjoyed ourselves. I must say that the trip to Night Safari was the most fun of all my trips there (when showing other friends around SG). Oh and since Masako's birthday was nearing, we took the chance to celebrate her birthday. Got her a mango cake and they were like isnt that expensive? Coz mangoes are so damn ex in Japan. They loved the mangoes and fruit juices here. Kept buying them while they were here.

Below are just some pictures that we took while they were here!

Yes, the Merlion. Did you know that the Merlion is rated top 3 of the most disappointing tourist attraction in the world for the Japanese? Lol.
On the escalator in Sentosa.
Yupz, Underwater World. My third time here in my life. And all 3 times were within these past 2 years. -_-'''
On the conveyor belt. Somehow, having a conveyor belt in UWW impress alot of pple.
The sky lift! We took the Luge Ride too.
Before the start of Musical Fountain, also known as Songs of the Sea.
At Night Safari. Obviously all of us were trying to fit into the place.

Celebrating Masako's birthday. Also the farewell dinner before they went back home.

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